How To Choose the Right Roofing Color

Stylish Redwood Asphalt Shingles

These days, some homeowners are taking steps away from the monotone or subtly colored black, brown, or grey roofing. Colors like blue, red, green or even tones of purple are making their way into roofing choices—and grow more common every day. When building a new home or deciding to redo a roof, what color roofing would be right for you? Many facts come into play when choosing a roofing color, but perhaps these suggestions can help you in the process.

1. Budget

Depending on the material, roofing can run pretty expensive. If you’re trying to keep your budget down, while still trying a different color or a stylish roofing shingle then options definitely exist. Asphalt, metal, wooden, and clay shingles can be bought for a relatively low price, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles to match your home. So you can keep the style and the color, without breaking the bank. 

Stylish Redwood Asphalt Shingles

2. “Green” Roofing

One of the greatest myths of “Going Green” as far as a roof is concerned is that almost all options are going to be white or light colored. While that may have been the truth in the past, “green” roofing shingles are now available in a variety of colors and materials. Also, shingles are available in recycled metal shingles and sheeting as well as recycled wood (such as cedar). So if you’re looking for a material other than the typical “green” design, more options are becoming available.

Roof with grass on top
Your roof doesn’t need to be literally green to provide energy savings!

3. Climate:

Climate is a huge factor in choosing a roof. Colder areas need roofing that can withstand winter storms (heavy layers of snow, ice) while warmer areas need roofing at reflects heat and can expand and contract according to unpredictable weather shifting. Certain climate roofing has certain coloring. For instance, typically speaking a darker roof will hold heat while a lighter roof will reflect heat. Granted, this doesn’t fully affect the color you choose for your roof, simply the shade.

4. Complimentary and Contrasting Colors:

Choose a roof that best complements the rest of the color of the house. Or, if you want to make a statement, pick a color that sharply contrasts with the exterior of your home. A Spanish Stucco home looks great with a red roof, but a red roof might look a little out of place on a darker colored Montana Ranch home. Carry color swatches of the house colors and take them with you when choosing your shingles. That way you can pick a color that compliments or fits the rest of the color choices. Here’s a great guide from Better Homes & Gardens on classic and contemporary color schemes for homes.

5. Architectural Style and Design:

Making bold choices might actually the right choice for your home. A light pink roofing shingle might actually compliment an early 1900s southern home – seeing as how pastel color choices were a common occurrence during that time period. Do research on your home, especially if you’re making repairs on an older style house or a house in the style of a different culture. A 1960s Danish Modern home might not look just right with a bright green roof, but it might look perfect with slate or a metal roofing. You may be surprised at what you find.

Stone facade building with complex roofline and shingles

6. The Neighbors: 

Choosing a roofing color also affects the neighbors since they’ll be looking at your roof as much as you will. If maintaining strong relationships with your neighbors is important for you and your family, be sure to get input and suggestions from your neighbors. It’s best to present your ideas in a variety of options that will fit into the scheme of the surrounding neighborhood. If your neighborhood has a variety of roofing styles and colors, then this might not be an issue. If not, pick a color that best suits your house but also doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb against all the other houses surrounding your home. 

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