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Installing Asphalt Shingles

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Thinking about installing shingles but don’t know where to start?

Know some of the details to installing shingles but need more information about particular details?

Have a project coming up and wondering if you can tackle it yourself?

If you are thinking about installing asphalt shingles or simply want to learn more about the process, you’ll definitely want to check out these videos. I have taken years of experience and developed a straightforward, simple and professional system for installing this beautiful and practical type of roofing.

This video series contains a ton of helpful tips for doing the job right the first time. You’ll learn how to avoid common and costly mistakes that others make all too often. All you need to install your own shingles is basic construction skills and simple hand tools. I’ve even included a section on selecting the proper tools and avoiding spending money on unnecessary specialty tools. Learn how to install a shingle roof yourself, and save thousands on labor costs!

These videos thoroughly cover the basics of shingle roofing, from measuring and ordering your materials, to installing shingles and flashing pipes. In most situations, shingle roofing is simple and easy to install. I am more than confident that if you follow my clear instructions, your new roof will come out looking great and will protect your home or structure for years to come. Most importantly, the techniques I show you will prevent your roof from leaking, causing expensive and unsightly damage to your home.

Why Should You Learn How to Install Shingle Roofing From Me?

chris_lutzHi, I’m Chris Lutz, president and owner of Roofing I’m glad you found my site, loaded with custom instructional videos which teach you the correct way to install all types of shingle roofing. From three tab shingles to Lifetime Architectural shingles, my system will give you the skills and confidence to install your roof yourself.

For more than a decade, I have been working as a roofing contractor specializing in the installation of shingle roofing on homes and businesses alike. I have installed hundreds of shingle roofs throughout the Southeast region on every imaginable structure, from simple backyard sheds and mobile homes to million dollar mansions and commercial warehouses. My years of experience have taught me the right way to install a beautiful shingle roof, and the avoidable mistakes that others commonly make throughout the process.




“While considering a variety of roofing materials for a construction project, I purchased this video series and am so glad I did! Each section is informative and very easy to follow with plenty of great advice and handy tips for any DIY homeowner looking to upgrade his/her roof. The techniques demonstrated here can be applied across a variety of ribbed metal roof styles/manufacturers and from refit/replacement to new construction. This reasonably-priced video series will likely SAVE you money! – Richard, Vermont

This series gave me the confidence to begin a project that my wife has been begging for. I feel certain that as I begin this series will be a ready reference to use on many occasions. ~ Mike in North Georgia

After watching the Roofing Intelligence video, I was able to install my own metal roofing on my new shop building. I had never done any roofing before but the clear instructions in the video made installing my roof easy. The best part… No Leaks! ~ Robert, Athens GA

house with asphalt shingles

Sample screenshots from the video series.

Lesson 1
Introduction to Asphalt Shingles

Introduction to Asphalt Shingles

Lesson 4

Applying Wood Strips

Lesson 7
Starter Shingle

Edge Flashing Details

Lesson 10

Sidewall Flashings

Lesson 13
Ridge Caps

Ridge Caps

Lesson 16
Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Lesson 2


Lesson 5
Tear Off

Tear Off

Lesson 8
Shingle Installation

Lesson 11
Hip and Ridge

Lesson 14


Lesson 17
5 Common Mistakes

5 Common Mistakes

Lesson 3

Ordering Roofing Materials

Lesson 6


Lesson 9


Lesson 12


Lesson 15
Pipe Flashings

Pipe Flashings

Installing asphalt shingles video cover image

Installing Your Own Roof, or Hiring a Professional?

Hiring a professional contractor, like me, to install your roof would cost thousands of dollars on labor alone. However, it is unwise to attempt to install your own roof without proper instruction and knowledge. The cost of the videos is only a small fraction of what it costs to make one repair call to fix a mistake you made while trying to install your own roof without my professional system.
If you decide to hire a professional to install your project for you, you can use this video to understand the process and ensure that the job was done correctly. If you are about to spend thousands to re-roof your home, think of the small cost of this video as a cheap insurance policy against costly leaks and the major mistakes that I see others making on a daily basis.
With my video series, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and gain the satisfaction and peace of mind of doing the work on your own, and knowing that it’s been done properly.

Need More Information?

Sample Video – 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing your Asphalt Roof