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A Brief Roofing History Lesson

Traditional Italian Clay Roofing Tiles

Throughout history, roofing materials exhibit the shifting tastes and technological advancements in architectural styles, such as mansard roofs and Queen Anne-style corner turrets, among other roofing styles. As the most important feature of your home or commercial building, the roof shields the structure, furnishings, interior spaces as well as the building’s occupants from damaging effects

How To Choose the Right Roofing Color

Stylish Redwood Asphalt Shingles

These days, some homeowners are taking steps away from the monotone or subtly colored black, brown, or grey roofing. Colors like blue, red, green or even tones of purple are making their way into roofing choices—and grow more common every day. When building a new home or deciding to redo a roof, what color roofing