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Why Should You Learn How to Install Metal Roofing From Me?

chris_lutzHi, I’m Chris Lutz, president and owner of Roofing I’m glad you found my site, full of instructional videos which teach you the correct way to install metal roofing.

If you are thinking about installing metal roofing or simply want to learn more about the process, you’ll definitely want to check out these videos. I have taken my years of experience and developed a straightforward, simple and professional system for installing this beautiful and practical type of roofing.

This video series contains a ton of helpful tips for doing the job right the first time. You’ll learn how to avoid common and costly mistakes that others make all too often. All you need to install your own metal roofing are basic construction skills and simple hand tools. I’ve even included a section on selecting the proper tools and avoiding spending money on unnecessary specialty tools. Learn how to install a metal roof yourself, and save thousands on labor costs!

For more than a decade, I have been working as a roofing contractor specializing in the installation of metal roofing on homes and businesses alike. I have installed hundreds of metal roofs throughout the Southeast region on every imaginable structure, from simple backyard sheds and mobile homes to million dollar mansions and commercial warehouses. My years of experience have taught me the right way to install a beautiful metal roof, and the avoidable mistakes that others commonly make throughout the process.

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